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«Analysis of the game of Bridge is extraordinarily complicated.» *

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ScanSuit is a program for the universal treatment of a suit at bridge

It is of course very counter-intuitive, but the problem of handling a simple suit is much more complex than that of the resolution of an entire deal with opened cards, due to the need for to drive the calculations in all possible worlds instead of just one, even if it is much larger.
By convention, North-South handle the suit. Their cards are visible by the other players. ScanSuit uses the method of the best defense and considers that the line East-West is still playing at perfection. Not only they know the games of North-South but they also know their strategy. In classic analyzes of handling it is assumed that North-South always have the necessary entries. There is no danger in what East-West win intermediate tricks because, if they come back in suit, that can never get them any further.
A detailed and illustrated help in pdf format is accessible from the program.

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ScanDeal is a program for the exact analysis of any deal or puzzle at bridge

ScanDeal allows you to scan any bridge deal. It provides all the contracts for each player, indicating the best as well as the Par of the deal. It allows a complete analysis of the game of the cards in providing the exact solutions himself or leaving playing its user and allowing him to correct his mistakes that he tells her. It thus gives the possibility of to analyze any deal and not just prepared deals.
A detailed and illustrated help in pdf format is accessible from the program.

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ScanPoints is a program designed to evaluate points counting systems in bridge

ScanPoints can generate tens of thousands of random deals, to estimate the exact contracts that each line can reach, to link them to a points account in order to determine the accuracy of this count through its mean and dispersion values.
ScanPoints offers four classic point counting systems: SEF, Zar, Kaplan-Rubens and Charles-Gigault and two free that the user can elaborate at any time as desired (it is also possible to modify the SEF at will).
The program allows to edit the values of a points account in all the contracts and to give an overall comparison of the six proposed accounts.
A detailed and illustrated help in pdf format is accessible from the program.

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ScanGame is a program for the analysis of a bridge competition

During competitions, especially pairs tournaments, deals are rarely analysed due to lack of time. Afterwards, a lack of documentation (i.e. when a single copy of the deals is made) means that a valuable learning opportunity has not been exploited.
ScanGame has been conceived to facilitate the analysis a posteriori of all the deals in a competition.
The principle is simple : deals and result sheets are captured with an interface designed to avoid errors. The software then analyses the deals and sends the results by e-mail to each player. The analysis provides a clear and aesthetic presentation of the deal, all contracts achievable by each player with any trump suit, the best contract for each player, the Par of the deal, and all the correct leads for every contract of the deal.
A detailed and illustrated help in pdf format is accessible from the program.

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   Demonstration of Minimax and Alpha-Beta algorithm

   Program for the computing of the hypergeometric law

Program for the full game, auction and card play

   Some problem linked to the writing of a bridge program (in French)

Various contributions to the study of bridge game

  Theory of the play of a suit at bridge

(Paper published in The Bridge World section Esoterica ArticlesTheory of the play of a suit at bridge by Joël Bradmetz)

   La psychologie du bridge (in French)

   Automatic treatment of a suit at bridge

   Fréquences des mains et des types de mains (in French)

   Les honneurs groupés et le moindre choix (in French)

   Les places vacantes et la loi hypergéométrique (in French)

   The values of Aces in counting points

   Les solveurs double mort et la recherche par partition (in French)

* Frank, I & Basin, D. (2001). A theoretical and empirical investigation of search in imperfect information games.Theoretical Computer Science, 252, 217-256.