The full version of ScanSuit is sold at 40 . This financing is allocated to a piece of research, both logical and computer-based, into the theory of the game of Bridge and to the writing of a software for competition.
A key will be sent once the payment has been validated.
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The software ScanSuit is locked and runs without restrictions only with a key.

It is installed with SetupScanSuit.exe, using the       icon you will find on your desktop.

But, if you try to run ScanSuit from the shortcut       on the desktop without the key, it will work with restricted functions and will refuse to analyse hands in which the opponents have more than three different cards.

To unlock the sotfware, you need a key that you can obtain by downloading a request form: ScanSuitKey.exe.

Note : If the installation of ScanSuit is unsuccessful in the default directory (which may be write-protected on your computer), try again, choosing your own destination directory.


After downloading ScanSuitKey.exe (choose Download and not Execute), you should send automatically your request by email using the      icon you will find on your desktop.
In return, you will receive a key to unlock the program in a file named: Clef.txt.
You must copy this file into the ScanSuit directory.
By default, if you did not modify it during the installation, this directory is C:\Program Files\SCANSUIT
Once you have obained the key, you can freely download successive versions of ScanSuit with it.

WARNING!! Once you have a key, you must delete ScanSuitKey.exe. If it would run again, it would destroy your key.

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